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Foto Sigrun Drivdal Johnsen  Danseinformasjonen66.jpg

Photo: Sigrun Drivdal Johnsen/Dansesinformationen

Ginga - Life is Rhythm

Ginga – Life is Rhythm: With inspiration from various folk practices with African roots, we look at the relationship between dance and music. This is a multidisciplinary project where we explore movement and sound with the aim of creating new forms of hybrid expressions. A common feature in sound and movement is the play with rhythmic patterns. There is rhythm in everything we do from breathing, walking, common daily activities to complex choreographic patterns on stage. Looking at sound and movement as one entity, how can we create harmony between the two removing boundaries and limitations, and stretching the understanding of what dance or music can be.

Choreographer, performer and musician: Sarjo Sankareh
​Musicians and co-creating dancers: Alexander Aarø and Sikia C. Masters Heien
Co-creating dancers: Martine Bentsen, Ingjerd Solheim


Photo: Antero Hein

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