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Nijinsky a minuit

Photography: Kimiko Watanabe 

Production K & Associés / Ko & Edge

Choreography Ko Murobushi

I listened to the Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun by Claude Debussy. It is undoubtedly possible to choreograph a sensual dance on this difficult music. Mallarme's poem The afternoon of a wildlife is marked "Églogue". In fact, the poem is bucolic and whimsical, but ... Debussy's play is a prelude. This probably means that Nijinski, then Diaghilev, did not stage the entirety of Mallarmé's poem. Rather, did the poem nourish the Rite of Spring "Le Sacre du printemps" composed by Stravinsky and choreographed the following year?


Why again Nijinski, Mallarme, in the middle of the 21st century?

It turns out that I started dancing with the Nijinski fauna. It was of course in Japan.

And then, I am attached to the Minuit de Mallarmé ... An attachment that extends to Nietzsche's Midnight too.


All this, I do not think so. Of my own will, I twist the thought, and I project myself out of it. And then, I face the body of several dancers. At once.

Immediately ... Getting in contact naked is the whole problem of Midnight. The problem is that each body and mine comes in contact, directly, and become entangled. And this through the Midnight. So, how many moments can we discover, which will emit sparks? This individually, then reciprocally. Once the potentiality revealed, it is a question of dying in the now of the sparkle spark ... projecting me towards the neighboring bodies. And they die falling on each other, on the fragments of my body ... Repeat this many times.

About attraction, Michel Foucault wrote the following lines. It is undoubtedly here the zero hour of the body, that is to say the body of Midnight, that is to say, the zero hour of thought. 

The attraction is for Blanchot, which is, no doubt, for Sade desire, for Nietzsche force, for Artaud the materiality of thought, for Bataille transgression: pure experience outside and the most bare. (Foucault, Thought from outside)

My body is never one, is always innumerable.

Then, at the moment of Midnight, at the moment of the zero hour, tending towards innumerable entwined and heterogeneous bodies, innumerable Nijinsky will be born!


February 10, 2014

Ko Murobushi

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