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The driftwood on it’s journey at sea is being constantly formed and shaped by every experience. Repeatedly stroked by the waves, the winds and strains of the weather on every surface. In continuous motion whereas the only constant is “change”. Change sometimes means leaving a small part of you behind, a tiny piece of the wood or just smoothening the edges.


In “Driftwood” dancer Sarjo Sankareh tries to explore a place of memory and shapes formed by experiences.


The thought came as a reaction of talking about identity, immigration tragedies and crises which had been constant, experiences on the sea and hopes of reaching ashore.


For the physical process we had gone outside by the sea/fjord to work with some pieces of driftwood which were present by the shore. This work was later brought to the studio and put together in movements to evoke a memory of these physical objects which are formed by the waves. Breath and water are two main elements in the work.


Koreografi: Sudesh Adhana

Danser: Sarjo Sankareh

Musikk: Alexander Aarø

Kostyme: Julie Moene

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