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Der doppelgänger

The word doppelganger has its origin in German folklore, where it is being described as a double of a person who goes beside you. A meeting with a doppelganger warns that something unexpected might happen. From this point started the idea of the performance: meeting between human and its doppelganger, exploration of the brutal side of your own through physicality. Edwin Cabascango (EC/NO) develops this idea in the movement, which is playful and smooth, vibrant and full of energy exchange between the dancers.


Der Doppelganger had its premiere during Tid for Dans 2016 festival and participated at R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz.


Choreography/idea: Edwin Cabascango

Dancers: Sarjo Sankareh, Edwin Cabascango

Visual arts: Marit Silsand

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