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Ensemble Muromachi
Tokyo, Japan

The Muromachi Ensemble here pays a double homage: to the revolutionary composer Edgar Varese (1883-1965) for the fiftieth anniversary of his disappearance, and to the world renowned legendary Butoh Dance Kô Murobushi (1947-2015) who suddenly left us.

What united these two men: a colossal creativity / a visionary spirit / a fierce authenticity. In addition we have brought five composers: Masaaki Ueno, Mari Kamimoto, Naoshi Kukiyama, Natsuki Nakajima and Yuta Miyake to compose for Edgar, while three dancers with whom Kô had the project "Nijinsky a minuit "In France: Sarjo Sankarech, Oliver Tida Tida and Kevin Franc, will perform alongside some video extracts  projections of Ko. 

Choreography : Extracts from Ko Murobushi "Nijinsky a Minuit" Supervised by  Kimiko Watanabe  

Dancers: Sarjo Sankareh, Oliver Tida Tida and Kevin Franc

Chef d'orchestre: Yasuhiro Komori

Artistic Director  Ensemble Muromachi : Laurent Teycheney

Photography : Yoshihito Yokokawa

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