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Compagnie Choreonyx Bruce Taylor 
"I Have A Dream"

Choreographer and artistic director : Bruce taylor 

Assistant : Pascal loussouarn 

Performance Idea : Judith Marouani and Jean-Philippe

Lighting, Scenography : Benoît Gardent

Original text from Martin luther King Jr , Mrs. Coretta King and Bruce taylor

Original video extracts from 1963 

Dancers: Assan Beyeck-rifoe, Alicia Bigot, Marine Darras, Gabriel Nabo, Justine De Aranjo, Sarjo Sankareh, Georgey Souchette and Sylvie Ducehesne 

Fifty years after the march to Washington, Martin Luther King's famous speech against racism is revisited by the American choreographer Bruce Taylor. In his ballet "I Have A Dream", he tries to demonstrate the imprint that this historic moment has left on our bodies, thanks to the performance of his contemporary dancers. A historical and moving show, a vibrant tribute to this great humanist, the celebration of the dream and the hope that one day we can all live free, equal and in peace.

Photography : Dan Soubrillard ( Des Images et Des Sens )

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